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Revised Assignment 4 – Abstracting a Seascape

For assignment 4’s abstract seascape, I chose a photograph with a view from above onto a section of shoreline. Here, I want to take another approach by opening up my process. My first drawing was a representation of shapes, based on a photograph. These shapes are to me, the result of … Continue reading

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Doig from drawing to painting to etching

Doig’s first print portfolio of Ten Etchings was ‘a way of cataloguing some of the work he had made over the previous years between 1992 and early 1995. The paintings were based on altered photographs, either taken himself or sourced from … Continue reading

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Sketchbook – landscapes

Studying the work of SA landscape artist, Anne Lindsell-Stewart, to get a better understanding of the practical application of layers and practice my skill. Oil sketch of Beach – here I noticed the beneficial use of transparent layers. Oil sketch of … Continue reading

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Sketchbook pages – Rothko floats

Floating colours and edges – my attempt: Possible application of this technique:  

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Resolving line and painting

Below I have put together artwork where line is used in painting. It is really a record for myself to refer to. John Sell Cotman: Alice Neel: Prunell Clough: Klee a Peter Doig: a a a     Gwen John … Continue reading

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Points to consider in Tutor’s Feedback assignment 3 and 4

Main points to consider: Most importantly, open up my process to allow ideas to develop in unexpected ways. Explore psychogeography Increase practical painting prep work – for final assessment Consider the pencil line in terms of varying its weight and … Continue reading

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Sketchbook – Little hope

I have been prompted to open up my process, perhaps to share more of my thoughts and explain how I arrive at my final paintings. I made a small drawing based on a newspaper article, almost a year ago, which I … Continue reading

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