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Assignment 5 – Abstract Expressionism : Submission and Tutor Feedback

SUBMISSION: I’m submitting my last two paintings:   My exercises are all quite experimental, but here are four of the better ones: Reflection on my own art practice: My art practice seems to be an ongoing experiment of techniques, but I feel that … Continue reading

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Exercise – Combining gestural painting with image transfers

Museum curator, Keith Wells, said that for Rauschenberg ‘combines’ was a way of seeing what was happening in the world at that point in time when he made these pieces – a history lesson of sorts, by placing the mechanically … Continue reading

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Sketchbook – Abstract gestural painting

After using thick textures in my previous rhino encaustic, I now want to return to thin transparent layers of paint. This morning I looked at some of Vermeer’s compositions and saw how solidly he anchored them in abstract designs. It is almost Mondrian like in style. I made a … Continue reading

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Sketchbook – Texture

Here, I want to experiment with texture. Below, I used a palette knife and newspaper collage. Below, I used encaustic wax to create texture. Reflection: Looking back at Rhinoceros, it looks tight in comparison to Rhino with blindfold. I had much … Continue reading

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