Formal Assessment Result

July 2015

Dear Charleen Brunke,

We are pleased to advise the confirmed pass result for the formal assessment of your course: Painting 2: Exploring Concepts Formal Assessment – PASS

Pathway Guidance The credits attached to this assessed course will be registered with UCA. To date this will mean you have the following credits:
Level 1 (HE4) – 120 credits Level 2 (HE5) – 60 credits Level 3 (HE6) – 0 credits

You are enrolled on the BA Hons Painting so your remaining 60 credits required at Level 2 (HE5) must be obtained from either Painting 2: Mixed Media or Drawing 2 as outlined on the BA Hons Painting degree pathway. This can be viewed at: uk/asset/document/painting-pathway-1.pdf

If you would like advice regarding your degree pathway please contact the Registrar at


About Charleen Brunke

Ceramic Artist
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One Response to Formal Assessment Result

  1. bankenveld says:

    Wonderlike nuus liewe Charleen! Geluk

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