About Me

I’m a ceramic artist working mostly in porcelain. My porcelain vases are used as an endless canvasses on which I incise fine lines that make up my drawings. It is further decorated with slips and glazes that are made in my studio in Johannesburg.

Lately, my vases have became alive to me as allegories depicting circular narratives for happenings not only in my life, but also for that of society in the global village. I work slowly, as I tackle narrative by narrative and write about my pots, here in this blog.

I’m married and have a daughter who is studying at Stellenbosch University. During my younger days I studied financial accounting and had a long career as an accountant, but more recently I studied art at Open College Arts in the UK. Since 2015, I have been working full time as an artist.

My pots are sold through my blog. See my contact page for payment details.



3 Responses to About Me

  1. HI Charleen
    I happened on your blog and find your insights into art fascinatingly similar to mine. Can you add me onto your list for future postings? My email is info@jolantehesseart.com

  2. alanrankle12 says:

    Hi Charleen,
    I was interested to read your texts on art and landscape painting in particular.
    Thank you for the piece linking Jacob van Ruisdael to my own work!
    It would of course be of greater interest if my name was spelled correctly in the heading and text..
    I wonder if you would change it so I might send your blog on to other people..
    I look forward to reading more, do please keep me posted.
    All the best,
    Alan Rankle

  3. Christine Williams says:

    Really enjoying your blog and your insights and your inspiration, fascinated by your painting techniques and your process .

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