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This section covers 6 projects. PAinting based on outdoor sketches, using oils and acrylics together, painting inside and out, working from photographs, an urban landscape, landscape – extended painting

Assignment 3 – Landscape: Submission and Tutor Feedback

    SUBMISSION: The 3 final pieces – Using acrylics and oil together Watercolour landscape of Diamond fields in Namibia. Extended landscape – I have changed the name to a Landscape Easy to Endure, because that is what it is … Continue reading

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My most beautiful place in the world

I can’t finish this part on Landscapes without painting the Diamond Sperrgebiet (prohibited area) in Namibia. This diamond area is situated in the Namib Dessert on the banks of the Orange river, where at the first and last appearances of light … Continue reading

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Project Landscape – extended painting

I feel that my previous painting, a Forest Landscape, still needs to be further explored. At first, my attention was captured by the pattern which emerged between the upper branches, but now my attention has turned to the space inside that pattern. Looking … Continue reading

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Project using oils and acrylics together (2)

I received an email from Pantocrater Gallery with this amazing photo of a mural on Mogashan road in Shanghai taken against the backdrop of city skyscrapers and an unsuspecting girl walking past.  There is so much happening here and it is easy to … Continue reading

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Work inside and outside

I’m not very comfortable painting in a park for safety reasons, so, once again, I painted my street, with its many oak trees. I made myself comfortable on a camping chair on the pavement and sketched the street view. What intrigued … Continue reading

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Edward Hopper

Some interesting facts on Hopper: He used an increasing economy of means, a waiver of extraneous detail, an emphasis on simplicity of composition, and a growing emptiness. The economic crises of 1930’s was the crises of modern life Like Morandi, he saw … Continue reading

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Project oils and acrylics together (1)

I have never really used acrylics before and was quite curious to try opaque and translucent swatches of oil over acrylic on canvas and on paper. The bottom layer remains undisturbed by the oil paint and I like the translucent quality of this … Continue reading

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